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CrossFit Gyms in Huntsville

CrossFit Gyms in Huntsville Alabama

The WOD (Workout of the Day) is:

  • 9 Rope Climbs
  • 1 Yoke Carry, 335/235lbs
  • 20 Back Squat, 225/155lbs
  • 15 Muscle Ups
  • 1000m Row

Sounds exhausting right?  That's because it is!  No one ever said that CrossFit was easy...  But fun?  You bet ya.  CrossFit is not only one of the most popular workout genres in the world, it is a way of life for many of it's disciples.  CrossFit is what gets millions of fitness enthusiasts out of bed at the crack of dawn 5 days a week and CrossFit is the reason that these same people often have rock hard abs and love to show them off.

We could get into the history of CrossFit, how it came about, where it started, etc...  But not today.  Let's get down to the real reason you are reading this article.  Where and how can you get in on all the action?  We know that this is the information that you really want so we compiled a list of CrossFit Gyms in the Metro Huntsville Area.  We did not post the hours and schedules of all of these gyms because we encourage you to call or do some research yourself to see which gym will best fit your needs, wants and budget.  Happy CrossFitting (if that is a word...)!

CrossFit Gym Locations in Metro Huntsville Alabama

Cross Fit Huntsville
CrossFit Huntsville's Facebook Page
Address: Suite B, 3228 Leeman Ferry Rd SW, Huntsville, AL 35801
Phone: (256) 489-2278

CrossFit Xiphos
CrossFit Xiphos' Facebook Page
Address: 162 Export Cir NW, Huntsville, AL 35806
Phone: (256) 529-5953

Rocket City CrossFit
Rocket City CrossFit's Facebook Page
Address: 920 Winchester Rd NE, Huntsville, AL 35811
Phone: (256) 929-1518

CrossFit Moontown
CrossFit Moontown's Facebook Page
Address: 5534 U.S. 431, Brownsboro, AL 35741
Phone: (256) 652-2790

CrossFit Nomad
CrossFit Nomad's Facebook Page
Address: 113 Jetplex Cir A-7, Madison, AL 35758
Phone: (256) 258-9347

CrossFit CHAMP Performance Training
CrossFit CHAMP's Facebook Page
Address: 7425 Hwy 72 W, Madison, AL 35758

CrossFit Impulse
CrossFit Impulse's Facebook Page
Address: 115 Castle Dr, Madison, AL 35758
Phone: (256) 361-9348

Iron Tribe Fitness Huntsville
Iron Tribe Fitness Huntsville's Facebook Page
Address: 108 Woodson St NW, Huntsville, AL 35801
Phone: (256) 469-6181

Iron Tribe Fitness Madison
Iron Tribe Fitness Madison's Facebook Page
Address: 12060 County Line Road, Madison, AL 35756
Phone: (256) 216-5537

Want to see all of these CrossFit Gyms on a map?  Click here or take a look below.


*If you are the owner or manager of a CrossFit Gym in Madison County Alabama and your gym is not on this list, our apologies.  We would love to add you to the list, no problem!  This list of gyms came from Google Maps when searching for CrossFit Gyms in Huntsville, AL.