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6 Eye Catching Outdoor Projects

To Bring Attention to Your Home

DIY Huntsville Projects

Create a strong impression

The most viewed photo of your home while it is on the market is the outside picture of the front of your home.  If you really want to capture the attention of the buyer pool, start by tackling some simple outdoor projects around your home. Presenting the best first image can be vital to getting the top price for your home or the fastest turn around for a sale.

Here are the 6 eye catching projects

1.  Make the front door stand out.

Because most families use a side entrance, the front door can be neglected. Clean up the porch and one or two bright hanging plants. Add a new coat of paint to the front door what coordinates with the home but stands out from the street.

Front Porch Ideas in Huntsville

2.  Give the home a face lift with a new garage door.

The garage door is the largest machine you have in your home. Choosing to update your existing garage door will provide you with a number of architectural choices. A new garage door can also offer one of the greatest returns on investment when it comes to resale value.

3.  Secure the front drive.

The front drive is the first impression. Cut back overhanging foliage. Have the drive resurfaced if possible or have any holes or cracks repaired. Remove all obstacles from around the drive.

4.  Remember the landscaping.

Too much landscaping can make a yard seem crowded and dated. Too little landscaping will make it feel bare and uninviting. The best way to determine your needs is to drive up slowly and see what catches your eye. Make a list of any problems or needed improvements.

5.  Clear the clutter.

It is important that the first thing visitors see is the home. Disguise those items that are secured with fencing or walls. Remove those items that are not necessary.

6.  Remember the finishing touches.

Setting out fresh mulch around trees and in flower beds will give the space a fresh, clean appearance. Trimming and cutting the grass a couple of days before a showing will give it a more tailored look.

Freshly cut lawn

Little changes can make a big difference when it comes to the first impression of your home. Removing the clutter, clearing out excess landscaping, or just trimming back trees and shrubs can open up a home. Adding a new garage door or changing paint can give the personality of the house a lift. Tackling outdoor projects can bring the right kind of market attention to your home.

For more great ideas for outdoor projects around the home check out