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Septic Tank Information

Click HERE for "Your Household Septic System".

Click HERE for "Your Septic Tank-Record Keeping".

Click HERE for "AL Home Assessment System".

Click HERE for "Maintaining a Septic System".


Radon Information

Click HERE for the "EPA Buyers and Sellers Guide to Radon.


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Please Note: Neither the Broker, nor any Licensee makes any representation or warranties regarding the information provided by third party websites and/or PDF’s set forth herein. This may include but not limited to, information on heating, cooling, electrical, gas, and plumbing system s, and any built -in appliances; the roof and basement, including leaks therein; the age, size or area of the property, construction materials, including floors; structural condition; utility and sewer or septic tank availability or condition; subsurface conditions, including radon and other potentially hazardous materials an d/or gases; flood insurance requirements; present or previous pest and termite infestations; fungus, mildew or mold.