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5 Simple Ways to Add Color to Your Home

By guest blogger:Sallie Keene

Color is making a comeback. Bold colors are finding their way back into our homes - from deep jewel tones to bold pastels, pops of color are here to stay. If that scares you, read on for a few simple ways to add it in to your home without a full blown color take over.


This may seem like a no-brainer, but paint is usually the first thing a designer uses to refresh a space and bring color in. From an accent wall to a painted piece of furniture, you can make a big impact with a little investment. Check out these palettes for 2022 from Sherwin Williams.



Wallpaper is slightly more of a commitment than paint, but it’s no longer the wallpaper of the 80s and 90s. A variety of colors and sweeping patterns can elevate your space. Check out this striking powder bath designed by Andrea Wilson of Wilhouse Designs.


Wallpapering a small bathroom or mudroom can be a great place to start if you're not ready for the full-blown commitment of a dining room or bedroom. 



Pillows are the caffeine of home decor, they can give a neutral sofa an instant perk up. They are low on the commitment scale, which makes them a great way to test out a color or two before diving in. Be sure not to underestimate the power of a good print. A soft pastel print can help ease you into color and still add interest to your interiors. Check out these Otomi pillows from Travel Patterns in Huntsville.






Lamps and Accessories

Lamps are another low-commitment way to jazz up a neutral spot in your home. Just take a look at these emerald green lamps from Designer’s Station in Huntsville. A pair of lamps in a color other than white could be the perfect addition to your bedroom or dining room. I love to decorate with coffee table books, many of which have colorful spines. Try to find books that relate to hobbies you have as a family or places you like to travel. Not only will you love looking at them but they’ll add a touch of color to your space.


For some people, a colorful sofa or chair is just too much commitment;. Many envision their grandmother’s chintz sofa- you know the one I’m talking about! However, I took the leap in 2020 and decided to go with a sofa in a soft blue linen upholstery It makes my living room so happy and combined with my rug this geometric print livens up my beige walls.

Bottom line, add color in at your own pace, but add it in. Don’t be afraid to get colorful and brighten up your home. If the last two years have taught me anything, they’ve taught me that I don’t want to live in a gray box. 


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