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7 Reasons to Buy & Sell with a REALTOR®


Realtors® are more than just agents. They are your #1 home buying resource, neighbor, and community advocate. To be a REALTOR®, an agent must be a member of the National Association of REALTORS®, committing to following its principled Code of Ethics. 

1. Adherence to Ethics
Realtors® must serve clients in accordance with a rigorous code of ethics. A Realtor®'s priority is the client - YOU! When working with a Realtor® you should expect fair and trustworthy treatment.

2. Savvy Service

Searching for and purchasing a home often requires jumping through many hoops of paperwork, transactions, and forms. A skilled professional can assist you in navigating loans, contracts, inspections, and appraisals and get you to Closing Day with ease.

3. Background Knowledge
Realtors® are expected to provide unbiased information on properties, school systems, utilities, and more. Realtors® can assist in finding the right property for you based on informed, current stats and community data. By having a clear grasp on the client's wish list, Realtors® can direct you to neighborhoods that fit your needs.

4. Detailed DATA
Not all homes and properties are marketed thoroughly. Local Realtors® can show you listings that are not easily found on national, corporate websites. This can prevent you from falling for listings that are no longer available or not as advertised.

5. Trained in Transactions
Realtors® are trained to provide guidance in the purchase or sale of a home. A Realtor® can assist you in every aspect of the deal and give you a complete picture of a property - from inspections to investigations - before agreeing to purchase. 

6. Abundant Experience
Realtors® not only adhere to comprehensive policies, rules, and regulations guiding the Real Estate industry, they stay up-to-date on local, statewide, and national laws that impact you when selling or purchasing a home.

7. Dutiful Counsel
A home is a place that is close to the heart. It can be one of the most valuable purchases in a client's life. Realtors® can serve as an expert resource, listening ear, and wise counsel, keeping the needs of the client in mind while remaining objective.